The Art of Talking to Yourself: Self-Awareness Meets the Inner Conversation

I chose the rating because it has been the only book that has helped me be myself, through self awareness, also because I refer back to some of the words in this book to “cue” me into being self aware in the moment, such as one of my favorites:

“Self awareness begins the moment you realize it can”


“The Art of Talking to Yourself is a gem of a book filled with unexpected–often brilliant–insights. It stands out among the ‘self-help’ genre by urging us to look more mindfully at the authorities selling ‘happiness’ and realize that we need to trust ourselves more in our quest for a more fulfilling life. Vironika Tugaleva writes with the graceful authenticity of an experienced and thoughtful seeker, who became a gifted writer along the way on the bumpy road of life.”
-Margaret B. Moss, writer and creator of Life’s a Dance

“Vironika truly walks her talk. I’m endlessly inspired by her self-awareness, honesty, and insight, and confident her latest book is going to open minds and change lives!”
-Lori Deschene, author and founder of TinyBuddha

The Art of Talking to Yourself shatters the myths that self-help gurus would have you believe in order to keep selling you their wares. This must-read book takes you on a deep dive to discover the only source of all the answers and healing you will ever need–You! Miss this book and you just might miss your sure-footed path to peace, happiness and fulfillment.”
-Rick Beneteau, co-founder of 10 Million Clicks For Peace

“I read The Art of Talking to Yourself and felt an old, familiar hallelujah rise up inside. It’s the feeling I get when someone has spoken truth that falls like summer rain and soaks deep, deep down into thirsty aquifers. She gets naked about her own process and what it means to shed layers of tired old ideas about perfection that do nothing but continue to keep people locked in cycles of unworthiness. It’s not a self-help book as we usually know them, and she is not a self-help guru, but her honesty is eloquent and this book is ultimately a class in liberation.”
-Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed Are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives

“Vironika’s The Art of Talking to Yourself is filled with honest stories from her life which made me laugh and cry. She doesn’t preach about the ‘right’ things to do, but instead gently coaxes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, creating an essential companion to any self-help book because it will help you respect your own inner feedback above any expert’s advice.”
-Catherine B. Roy, author of Live From Your Heart and Mind

“With courage, strength and refreshing candor, Vironika Tugaleva guides us on a journey of awakening to a deeper awareness of self and dares to connect us on a profound universal level. Her keen insights and practical approach encourages each of us to experience and express our innate unconditional love, bringing a profound and lasting change in ourselves and our world.”
-Harold W. Becker, author and founder of The Love Foundation Inc.


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