How to Learn a Foreign Language

If you have ever been discouraged by language learning, please read this book. 

About the Author

Paul Pimsleur  was a scholar in the field of language teaching, testing, and applied linguistics.
He developed the Pimsleur language learning system.


In this book, shows how anyone can learn to speak a foreign language.

If learning a language in high school left you bruised, with a sense that there was no way you can learn another language, How to Learn a Foreign Language will restore your sense of hope. In simple, straightforward terms, Dr. Pimsleur will help you learn grammar (seamlessly), vocabulary, and how to practice pronunciation (and come out sounding like a native).

This book is a true gem for anyone interested in learning a language.

This book goes beyond the brochures to teach the reader how it can be enjoyable to learn language and how one can go about it; with or without the Pimsleur system.

This book is a quick read, with short, easy to understand chapters. 

If you have ever been discouraged by language learning, please read this book. 

In it Dr Pimsleur admits that there may be people out there who theoretically cannot learn a language, but from his experience any student with some motivation to learn can and should learn a language;  for the simple reason that it will be an enjoyable journey with a pleasant reward.

How to Learn a Foreign Language
Short easy read
Real life stories
Easy to understand statistics


don’t think too much, take action

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