The little book of self-awareness: Emotions-thought-intuition-senses


We are all looking for it, we all desire it, but for some strange reason only few can achieve it: Happiness, the holy grail of life, is elusive. And yet things are not as complicated as we think; there is a reason we cannot approach happiness and there is a way to achieve it. All it takes is to look for it in the right place; to set out on the journey that life calls us to make. It is the journey of self-awareness, the journey of discovering our deeper nature, a nature that has a history of millions of years and which is part of life that is evolving. It is never too late to set out on the most important journey of our lives; the journey to the senses and emotions, to thought and intuition. This is our own life, our own journey: the journey we make through our psychic functions, the journey of the soul, the journey of self-awareness.Difficult task. But changing Goethe’s words:As soon as you have self-awareness, you will know to live.After all, the journey of self-awareness is a way4life.


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