Finding Awareness: The Journey of Self-discovery

One of the most significant books I have read in recent years.
Very deep, clear, logical and yet intuitive explanations of our inner states. Also very impactful insights on dealing with them.



In Finding Awareness, author Amit Pagedar brings to light the struggles, confusions and frustrations we experience in everyday life and offers a way of examining them through the process of self-inquiry. Covering everything from comparison, insecurity, and addictive behaviors to anxiety, Amit offers a practical approach to observing and understanding these issues through the tool of insight meditation. He explores uncomfortable truths and brings to light the unvarnished reality of who we are as individuals. Through this self-inquiry he hopes to empower the reader to face themselves, as they are, and bring about a profound and fundamental shift in the way they approach their problems. In this book he describes the structures of ego and suffering and the processes by which these forces sustain themselves. He further explores why and how these powerful structures sometimes collapse and bring about immediate and irreversible personal transformation in the individual.Along with accounts of real conversations with his readers over the past few years, Amit offers an account of his own personal journey through this book. He begins with simple ideas and progressively builds upon them to create a spontaneous insight into the nature of our being. The book also includes a comprehensive question and answer section, where readers will find the tools they need to begin the art of finding awareness and embark on their own personal journey of self-discovery.


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