Alchemy 365: A Self-awareness Workbook


TRANSFORMING INTO THE EMBODIMENT of who we are as children of Creator Energy does not happen overnight. It is a journey, a walk, and a call to remember who and what we are, and what our function is here on planet Earth. Based on her own personal healing journey, ALCHEMY 365: A SELF-AWARENESS WORKBOOK is based on four important insights Brenda Lightfeather Marroy gained over a fifteen year period: Her observations of how many people were stuck in one place, and ultimately failing to have the life they wanted and needed. Her own realizations of how easy it is to fall into the trap of taking the road more travelled, and to settle for the religion, society, and family that structure dictates, as well as how great a courage it takes to ask questions, act on new truths, and follow ones own path. Her observations of how everyone longs for peace, authenticity, understanding, and love. Her realizations that all the running to and fro looking for fulfillment outside of Self is pointless, and that everything one needs is already within oneself, including the ability to transform into the fullness of ones authentic self. Albert Einstein said, No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. When one continues to ask the same questions and make the same choices, one gets the same results. To move in a different direction requires insight into where one has been and where one is, clarity on what no longer serves, and direction on how to move into where one would like to be. ALCHEMY 365: A SELF-AWARENESS WORKBOOK is a work of love, and a desire to present a platform to simplify the process of transforming into the glorious, spiritual beings we are.


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