7 Money Rules for Life®: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future


Putting to practice the “7 Runes” is a bit hard but it can be done. I’m confident that by next year this time you’ll have something wonderful to shares.


Change your financial future–today

“Packed with practical, easy-to-digest advice, 7 Money Rules for Life is a no-nonsense approach to money and life that really works! Mary provides a road map to recovery driven by a realistic, deliverable promise for a better life. If you want more out of life, take on the 7 Rules and see what happens. You won’t be disappointed.”–Rob Bernabé, author,Mind Your Own Mortgage; speaker; former president of E*Trade Mortgage Corporation

“Mary Hunt has been there and back, and it shows. Hunt’s empathetic, real-world approach makes [her] advice somehow seem more palatable–and achievable.”–Money magazine

“Nobody is more aware of the complex relationship between finances and relationships than Mary Hunt.”–CBS Early Show

“Mary speaks from the depths of her own experience, a gotta-have-it habit that led her into six-figure debt. It took her thirteen years to pull her family out, and the money-saving strategies she learned along the way became the basis for a career as one of America’s top personal finance experts.”–Woman’s Day magazine


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